WLG Global Agenda Report Examined in AMLAW Daily


The World Law Group's ground-breaking study, "The Global Agenda: Issues & Priorities for Senior In-House Counsel Worldwide," was widely cited in an article published on American Lawyer's online digest AMLAW Daily on December 18, 2012.

In "The 7 Steps International Law Firms Should Take in 2013 to Ensure Themselves a Bright Future." author E. Leigh Dance (who partnered with the World Law Group and LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell® to produce the study) prescribed several actions "for firms with international offices, and firms with hopes of serving domestic clients internationally and foreign clients at home."

In the first, "Inhabit your client's world", she noted: General counsel of the world’s largest companies overwhelmingly agreed in the global (WLG) study that 'closer integration with the business' is the key element to improving in-house counsels’ performance. Figure out how you can support your client’s objectives to integrate better with the business. For example, armed with an understanding of the client’s greatest risks, your firm could conduct basic benchmarking with other clients. Then the in-house lawyers can present this information to their business colleagues to show how others are addressing similar risks, and compare what and where are the biggest concerns."

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