France: Reform of French Contract Law – Ratification Law Published On April 21, 2018: General Presentation


By Flore Foyatier

Ordinance n°2016-131 of february 10, 2016 for the reform of contract law, the general regime of obligations and proof of obligations came into force on october 1, 2016. This reform was primarily aimed at codifying established and settled case-law principles but it also introduced new legal concepts and obligations.

Law n° 2018-287 dated april 20, 2018 – which ratifies the aforementioned ordinance – was published in the official journal on april 21, 2018This law does not only ratify the february 10, 2016 ordinance. It also brings about a number of changes. Some of them are quite significant, others without any real impact. Most of these changes will become effective on october 1, 2018 but some others will apply retroactively as from october 1, 2016.

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