Shearn Delamore & Co. Announces New Managing Partner and New Partner for 2019


Shearn Delamore is pleased to announce the appointment of Dhinesh Bhaskaran as the firm’s new Managing Partner effective 1 st January 2019. Dhinesh has been a Partner since 2001, and his areas of practice include civil, commercial and corporate litigation, arbitration, product liability, medical malpractice law, insurance law and environmental law. He is the Head of our Medico-Legal Practice and Environmental Practice. He is a Past President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and the Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia (MLSM).


Besides, we are also pleased to announce the appointment of Lilien Wong as a Partner of the firm with effect from 1 st January 2019. Lilien appears in Court and arbitration proceedings regularly as counsel and co-counsel. She also handles regulatory compliance work for multinational clients from a wide range of industries. This includes providing training to the clients and carrying out compliance audits primarily on matters pertaining to competition law and data protection.