Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak
ul. Jasna 26
Warsaw, 00-054

Telephone: +48 22 608 7000
Fax: +48 22 608 70 70
WLG Jurisdiction: Poland

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SK&S is one of the leading Polish law firms which has been classified very highly in Polish and foreign rankings of legal advisors, such as: Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, PLC Which Lawyer. For more than 10 years, we have been awarded the highest number of recommendations by our peers in the prestigious league tables of law firms conducted by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

SK&S is a firm with tradition which is based on strong foundations. Our clients value the stability which they can rely on as a result of a low lawyer turnover. The majority of our clients have used SK&S’ services for several years which confirms that our advice is effective and that they value the relationship which has been built. A recently conducted client satisfaction survey has confirmed that our clients think highly of our firm due to, inter alia:

A comprehensive approach to a problem
The strength of my SK&S lawyer is an ability to combine various legal perspectives. What I appreciate from the lawyer that co-operates with us is the readiness to take matters in his own hands and responsibility without waiting each time for direction from us and the ability to be an authentic project leader in all respects agreed with us.

Involvement The convenience and security of being able to call SK&S and knowing that they will be available, responsive and will do anything to help me is extremely comforting.

Communication The deciding factor as regards co-operation with SK&S was their openness to discuss and the willingness to see things from various perspectives.

Team work Our SK&S lawyers clearly communicate where the boundaries of their expertise are and understand well their limitations. In the process of project implementation, our SK&S lawyers liaise with other experts and this has built our confidence in SK&S.

Good relationship We are very pleased that we do not co-operate in Poland with a large international law firm but that we have chosen a local partner. The anonymous face of international law firms is something we were not prepared to accept. On the other hand, whenever I visit SK&S’ office, I almost feel as if I’m at home.

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Tomasz Kanski
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Piotr Andrzejak
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