Member Admission


Membership in the World Law Group is by invitation only. Since its founding in 1988, the WLG has pursued a strategy of select growth in major international and regional business centres — with new members added only as the business needs of existing members and their clients dictate.

Unlike other international legal networks, our member firms tend to be among the largest in their local or regional markets. As a result, while relatively modest in size by number of member firms compared to some other networks, the WLG is one of the largest law firm alliances in the world by number of lawyers, with 18,000+ working in member firm offices located in more than 360 commercial centres globally.

In support of our philosophy of a well-managed "best friends" network, governed by collegiality, respect, shared values and trust, the World Law Group maintains a stringent new-member selection process to maintain the overall quality, geographic and full-service coverage, and the professional practice and client service standards our existing members demand. In addition, each member’s performance, market standing and commitment to the WLG’s objectives are reviewed regularly to ensure the firm continues to meet our membership criteria and the expectations of other members. 

In all but the very largest national markets, World Law Group admits only one member firm and, as noted above, adds members in new jurisdictions only as such need is identified by our existing members, and only then, following extensive due diligence, on-site meetings and a full vote of the existing membership. Therefore, please refer to the list of jurisdictions already represented by Our Member Firms before inquiring about membership.

Please direct inquiries regarding membership to Executive Director, Beth Castro at