In this "Resources" section, you can find links to the World Law Group Events Calendar, a plethora of legal updates and similar intelligence from member firms, various WLG comparative law Handbooks & Guides, and an introduction of and link to our Global Data Breach Guide and its companion website.

On the Events Calendar, we post "Open" and WLG "Member-Only" events.  All visitors to this site can access information on "Open" events", which appear in green where applicable. Information about "Member-Only" events (which appear in blue text) are available only to lawyers and other registered users at WLG member firms after they log in. 
The Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications, produced by the WLG Privacy & Data Protection Practice Group, offers readers up-to-date summaries of law and regulations governing requirements to notify affected individuals and regulatory authorities of data breaches.  Covering 42 major jurisdictions worldwide, the Guide, as well as current data breach news, can be found at

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