Multinational businesses have a few choices today when selecting legal advisors. You can opt to:

  • Go with a huge, “global” firm, generally with a mix of a few large full-service offices and a scattering of small satellite offices of varying quality, responsiveness, depth and breadth of expertise;
  • Work with a multinational firm with a "tacked on" network of "best friend" or allied firms, which can change as frequently as a major client conflict pops up; 
  • Find a local law firm in each country or region you're expanding into -- and find the time to manage those myriad relationships on your own; or
  • Choose a World Law Group member firm and work with it to custom-design a multinational relationship-management model that meets your needs.

This WLG relationship-management arrangement can range from:

  • Determining the legal services you require in each jurisdiction in which your organization operates, to choosing just the right client team needed from other premier WLG member firms to seamlessly meet those needs;
  • Negotiating rates/AFAs to setting billing methods, service-delivery standards and matter/project management protocols; and from
  • Identifying value-adds including client training, secondments and customized comparative law tools, to creating shared client-service extranets and/or the formation of a client “interest group” comprising partners from all firms involved.

In short, the WLG “lead firm” works with you to deliver the experience of working with a single firm, while harnessing the superior talent, in-depth resources and local strengths of top national firms in each market for your organization’s benefit. 

But that’s not all. Your relationship with any one of the WLG’s premier, independent firms provides your organization with an entrée to the resident expertise, local contacts and facilities of approximately 400+ member firm offices in every major business centre worldwide.