Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements


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WLG Handbooks & Guides 2018 Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements
2018 Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements
Non-competition agreements can help a business protect its confidential information, trade secrets and customer relationships, and prevent unfair competition. However, whether such agreements can be enforced, and under what circumstances, vary significantly among jurisdictions. The aim of this publication is to have a dedicated resource on the enforceability of non-competition agreements, distilling the experience of numerous World Law Group (“WLG”) member firms into a single reference.We hope that this guide will be useful for those who have to deal with non-competition agreements in one of the jurisdictions covered. This guide focuses on the laws around the world as they currently stand at the date of publication. However, we cannot exclude some changes in the laws to a certain extent in this area. Please visit this page where we hope to post updates as they become available, and feel free to consult other reference sources.We wish you a good read!


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Legal Update
Date Posted: May 10, 2023

Zhong Lun is pleased to bring you updates on PRC antitrust legislation and enforcement during the first quarter of 2023.

Legal Update, Member Firm News
Date Posted: May 7, 2023

Google has tasted another setback in India in its fight with the Antitrust regulator, Competition Commission of India (“CCI/Commission”). The appeal filed by Google against the CCI last order dated 20.10.2022 has been dismissed on merits and, except for some reliefs on some of the market correction

Legal Update, Member Firm News
Date Posted: May 2, 2023

In a significant development , after the Lok Sabha ( Lower house of Indian Parliament ) passed the Competition (Amendment) Bill 2023 on 29.March 2023 , the Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha ( upper house ) on 03 April ,2023 and after receiving the Presidential assent on 11 April 2023, has been promulgated and notified in the Gazette of India as The Competition (Amendment) Act, 2023 on 11th April, 2023 .