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COVID-19 is massively impacting businesses across the globe - from employment issues to disruption in the supply chain to contractual obligations, World Law Group member firms share their insights and top resources. View all COVID-19 Legal Updates and News.

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Legal Update

Radical events often trigger transformation processes - a new kind of unvoluntary disruption. Global pandemics (such as the current one) or the ongoing economic-political conflicts (Brexit, customs duties, embargoes, etc.) will lead to the rethinking and changing of cumbersomely acquired patterns and structures...

Legal Update

Radical events often trigger transformation processes - a new kind of forced disruption. Almost everyone has made more online purchases in recent months than before. Online
sales benefit - stationary sales suffer, although both have their advantages for customers.
The combination of both worlds makes sense.

Legal Update
The rules that eased the procedures governing the deliberations of shareholders’ meetings are extended until November 30, 2020. Overview of the temporary and exceptional derogations set up to secure the internal operation of companies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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