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Our firms give back.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an international private business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices. What are our WLG member firms doing?


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This initiative will allow us to work collectively on a project with a meaningful mission, while at the same time, help raise awareness about WLG among our member firms and differentiate our network in the market as a committed member of the world community. Our theme for this year is the environment.

Legal Update
There is a growing consensus among business stakeholders andsociety at large that mere compliance with legal rules is not enough to live up to the requirements of business integrity.
Member Firm News

Sorainen has selected 22 projects that will receive pro bono legal and tax advice from us in the Shared Mission programme. These include 11 organisations from Estonia, four from both Latvia and Lithuania, and three from Belarus.

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