Diversity and Inclusion Around the Globe

Our firms are committed to diversity and inclusion internally and externally.

A call to embrace diversity—of race, orientation, thought, approach, and experience.

A call to be energized by equality.

A call to rise up and champion a more inclusive workplace and company culture.

No matter what your role—an executive, a manager, a business owner, or someone just getting started professionally—you have the power to drive change and influence organizations. Read below about how our member firms approach, manage and promote diversity internally and externally on a global scale. Simply put: harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion is essential for the very viability and sustainability of every organization. When you start to actively make space for diverse voices, stories, and truths, you start discovering your own voice, story, and truth on deeper, and more powerful levels. (Yes, it is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.)


Awards & Accolades, Member Firm News

WongPartnership has consistently been recognized for our efforts in supporting the development of women in the legal profession and offering equal opportunities for all.

Awards & Accolades

We are proud to announce that Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados, along with Partner Susan Castillo and Associate Renato Velásquez, received recognition at the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Latin America 2020 for our work in furthering the advancement of diversity and inclusion in Peru.

Member Firm News

MinterEllison, Australia's largest law firm, today announced 29 new leadership appointments. 15 are new Partners, 12 are Special Counsel and two are Executive Directors.