Bart-Adriaan de Ruijter - Key Contact Partner


Bart-Adriaan de Ruijter
CMS Netherlands

WLG Key Contact Partner
and Corporate Litigation
Partner at CMS Netherlands

1. Tell us about an interesting client matter you've worked on.
Last month, I represented German and Swiss minority shareholders in a high-profile international corporate dispute about a promising technology company with proceedings before the Dutch Enterprise Chamber and possible follow-on litigation in the Netherlands and the United States. The majority shareholder and founder transferred important IP rights to his own company and a related party taking into account that this is a promising project. The minority shareholders want to have these transfers annulled and asked for intervention from the Dutch Enterprise Chamber to appoint a managing director, which succeeded.

2. As a new Key Contact Partner for CMS Netherlands, in what jurisdictions and practice/industry areas do you see the potential for a new collaboration with WLG members?
The economy, as well as society, is predicted to once again open its doors completely within a couple of months. The COVID-19 pandemic will then hopefully be a thing of the past if the vaccination coverage is on track. The governments are still stimulating the economy, but subsidies will gradually stop. The bilateral solidarity between countries and companies with the idea to ‘share the pain’ will also disappear. This will lead to international disputes and even bankruptcy in some cases.

I think it is important to have a good international collaboration for the international commercial and restructuring disputes arising in the post-Covid era. I also expect more class action activity in the Netherlands in the coming years with its good class action climate. Our recently founded Netherlands Commercial Court can also do more international commercial disputes coming to the Netherlands.

3. What is something you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time, I love to sport (cycling and soccer) and do social & cultural activities with my friends and family. I also enjoy organizing big social & commercial events and hope to use my experience and passion for WLG.

3. Have you had any recent client, marketing, or other collaboration with a WLG member firm(s)? If so, please briefly tell us about that.
Due to our membership with WLG with worldwide connections, we won an important pitch for an international operating Indian company.