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Members of our global Practice & Industry Groups frequently collaborate on comparative legal guides and other practical resources for use by our member firms and their clients. Recent works, of which PDF copies can be downloaded via the links below, are:

Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements

Non-competition agreements can help a business protect its confidential information, trade secrets and customer relationships and prevent unfair competition. However, whether such agreements can be enforced, and under what circumstances, vary significantly among jurisdictions. The aim of this publication is to have a dedicated resource on the enforceability of non-competition agreements, distilling the experience of numerous World Law Group (“WLG”) member firms into a single reference.

We hope that this guide will be useful for those who have to deal with non-competition agreements in one of the jurisdictions covered (Published 2018). 

[Download Guide]

Unfair Trade Practices: A Global Comparative Survey

If your company needs to know which major countries have consumer protection laws vs. others that don’t, or what particular competitive strategies would be deemed as “unfair competition” in a specific foreign market, there is now a great new reference to help. Published in mid-2016, Unfair Trade Practices: A Global Comparative Law Survey summarizes the relevant laws in 37 major jurisdictions.

The Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications

The WLG Privacy & Data Protection Group is currently working on the 3rd edition of this guide.  To see the second edition of the Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications (published in 2016) and its companion website click here.

Expanded Second Edition of The Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs

In an environment where adherence to anti-corruption, anti‐bribery, fraud, and money-laundering laws is increasingly important, the structuring of whistleblowing programs has become more complex and the subject of increasing regulation in many countries.

Designed as a practical resource for organizations planning to establish or review whistleblowing schemes and related compliance structures, the expanded new second edition of The Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs covers 59 jurisdictions and can be downloaded here.

The Quick Guide to Private-Copy Levy Systems

To assist World Law Group (WLG) member firm clients that manufacture and/or sell devices used for private copying in different countries, the WLG’s Intellectual Property & Information Technology Practice Group prepared the WLG Quick Guide to Private-Copy Levy Systems. It provides an overview of the legal situation concerning private copying in 31 jurisdictions around the world.

    This guide is also designed to help quickly identify similarities and differences among these systems and to provide a broader view on copyright levy-related questions. Download your copy of The Quick Guide to Private-Copy Levy Systems here.