• WLG Firms Contribute

    WLG Firms Contribute

    12 member firms share their expertise

  • Legal Leaders in Luxembourg

    Legal Leaders in Luxembourg

    Arendt & Medernach hosts World Law Group Fall Conference delegates

  • Skilled in Collaboration

    Skilled in Collaboration

    Learn about how our members have worked together and how we can work together for you.

  • Strength in Numbers

    Strength in Numbers

    56 premier independent firms, 70 countries, 345 offices, 17,000+ lawyers. And it’s easy to find us.

  • Connecting in Copenhagen

    Connecting in Copenhagen

    Young Lawyers Meet at 2015 European Regional Conference

  • Success without Boundaries

    Success without Boundaries

    It’s within reach with World Law Group. Because of who we are.


Where to Find Us

Where to find World Law Group Firms

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