Doing Business In

We asked our member firms around the globe to complete a short Q&A to help WLG colleagues and others learn more about them, how to successfully do business in their countries, key investment sectors, and what business opportunities are hot in the market right now. We will continue to update this page with additional countries and new information.



Arendt & Medernach

Arendt & Medernach talked about doing business in Luxembourg, local culture, CSR initiatives, and the firm’s workplace environment. Three words used to describe the firm’s culture are entrepreneurial, diverse, and inclusive. In Luxembourg, punctuality is valued and lateness is considered rude. Politeness and respect for hierarchy are appreciated and are key to successful business dealings. The country is known for multilingualism, a prominent feature of the economy which has enabled it to grow over the decades. Learn more about Arendt & Medernach, how to successfully do business in Luxembourg, and what key opportunities are hot in the market right now.


Chandler MHM Limited

Did you know? Traditionally, Japan has been one of the top investors in Thailand, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Due to the increase of e-commerce, there has been more interest in investment in logistics and warehousing. Learn more about doing business in Thailand, opportunities for foreign investment, and member firm Chandler MHM’s CSR initiatives, work environment, and culture.