[Audio Recording] A Candid Discussion on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Speakers & Key Takeaways

Moderator: Janet Pahima, Herzog Fox & Neeman

Panelists: Kim Hulsey, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Locke Lord LLP, and Priya Vivian, Partner at Lane Powell PC

  1. Organizations should go eyes-wide-open into collecting employee metrics concerning Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). Metrics can be used to identify trends and the overall health of an organization working toward the goal of DE&I. Ensure you're transparent about your initiatives and following privacy regulations; if you don't, this could lead to potential lawsuits.
    "The best intentions don't always have the best impact" - Priya Vivian
  2. A significant challenge for organizations and DE&I professionals begins post-hiring. What happens after they hire emerging talent? What is the plan for growth and succession? You must set your hires up for success with a growth plan and an inclusion plan to ensure your organization's retention goals are met.
    "..having a level of diversity in the room does not guarantee that there is a sense of belonging or inclusion, or that people feel like they can bring their best selves to work." - Kim Hulsey
  3. The why of your organization's DE&I is the first step to informing and prioritizing DE&I in the workplace, and it should be tied to your organization’s strategic plan.
    "...diversity is often not necessarily tied to the overall mission and objectives of your organization." - Kim Hulsey

Audio Recording

World Law Group · A Candid Discussion on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion