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Gowling WLG is a leading UK-based international law firm.

Our clients have access to in-depth expertise in key global sectors along with a top-tier suite of legal services, from handling complex corporate transactions and high-stakes litigation to maximizing and protecting intellectual property assets and ensuring regulatory compliance. We have more than 500 lawyers in England, split between Birmingham and London, we have the depth and breadth to deal with almost all business law and family office needs.

Our sector focus areas are: automotive; aviation, aerospace & defense; construction & engineering; energy; financial institutions & services; infrastructure; life sciences; natural resources; real estate and tech. We pair this specific industry knowledge with renowned service area expertise to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We believe in the power of relationships to deliver tangible business results. Strong relationships not only help us better understand our clients' worlds, but they make us more attuned and responsive to their needs. We build strong relationships by fostering a culture at Gowling WLG that is, above all, about people and teams.

What our clients say about us:
"They consistently provide top-quality legal advice which is commercially-focused and in tune with our business and the markets in which we operate." CEO, Mercia Technologies PLC

"Weetabix has business interests across the globe and so we need to work with a team which offers a single global solution; servicing our interests across all continents.
Gowling WLG will do just that." General Counsel, Weetabix

"Develop relationships built on trust and openness, underpinned by sound legal advice and guidance delivered by highly professional and competent individuals." Client Feedback, Chambers 2019

Recent Firm News & Legal Updates

Legal Update, Member Firm News

Gowling WLG's latest report, discussing the need for UK policy to change to maximise the social benefits of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

Member Firm News

Following many years of growth and progress, and recent major success in key patent litigation cases in London, the Gowling WLG IP team is taking another major step forward with the hire of two high profile and experienced IP partners.

Member Firm News

Advertising and IP experts from Gowling WLG have been working with Hovis Limited behind the scenes on the remake of its iconic 'Boy on the Bike' advertisement.

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Bernardine Adkins Birmingham, England +870 903 1000 bernardine.adkins@gowlingwlg.com
Antitrust & Competition
Sharon Ayres Birmingham, England +440 121 3930019 sharon.ayres@gowlingwlg.com
Corporate Governance
Infrastructure & Public-Private Partnerships
International Corporate Transactions
Mergers & Acquisitions
Gareth Baker London, England +44 20 3636 7863 gareth.baker@gowlingwlg.com
Energy Mining & Clean Tech
International Corporate Transactions
Kirsty Barnes Birmingham, England Kirsty.Barnes@gowlingwlg.com
Richard Beckingsale Birmingham, England +44 870 730 2816 richard.beckingsale@gowlingwlg.com
Dawn Beddard Birmingham, England +447921881464 Dawn.Beddard@gowlingwlg.com
Antitrust & Competition
Energy Mining & Clean Tech
Infrastructure & Public-Private Partnerships
Government & Public Sector
Intellectual Property
Media & Telecommunication
Marketing & Business Development Professionals Forum
Samuel Beighton London, England +44 (0)203 636 7972 samuel.beighton@gowlingwlg.com
Antitrust & Competition
Stephen Bowman Birmingham, England Stephen.bowman@gowlingwlg.com
Robert Breedon Birmingham, England robert.breedon@gowlingwlg.com
John Burns Birmingham, England +44 121 685 2707 john.burns@gowlingwlg.com
Tim Casben Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 4 437 5111 tim.casben@gowlingwlg.com
Jonathan Chamberlain Birmingham, England jonathan.chamberlain@gowlingwlg.com
Human Resources
Laura Charles Birmingham, England +44 121 685 2883 laura.charles@gowlingwlg.com
Sophie Coggan London, England +44 20 7759 6840 sophie.coggan@gowlingwlg.com
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Tom Cox London, England +44 20 3636 7945 tom.cox@gowlingwlg.com
Edmund Day Birmingham, England Edmund.Day@gowlingwlg.com
Julie Dipple London, England Julie.Dipple@gowlingwlg.com
Zoe Fatchen Birmingham, England +44 (0) 121 393 0098 zoe.fatchen@gowlingwlg.com
International Tax & Private Wealth
Tom Foster London, England +44 20 3636 7982 tom.foster@gowlingwlg.com
Caron Gosling Birmingham, England +44 784 173 2104 caron.gosling@gowlingwlg.com
Katie Harrison Birmingham, England katie.harrison@gowlingwlg.com
Neil Hendron Birmingham, England Neil.Hendron@gowlingwlg.com
Venture Capital
Matt Hervey 44 (0)20 3636 7941 matt.hervey@gowlingwlg.com
Artificial Intelligence
Intellectual Property & Information Technology
Life Sciences
Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Information Technology
Intellectual Property
Media & Telecommunication
Laura Hurley London, England +44 20 7759 6912 Laura.Hurley@gowlingwlg.com
Fabiano Iesini London, England +44 20 7759 6796 fabiano.iesini@gowlingwlg.com
Ursula Johnston London, England ursula.johnston@gowlingwlg.com
International Trade Law
Cerryg Jones London, England +44 121 629 1892 Cerryg.Jones@gowlingwlg.com
Jon Lloyd Birmingham, England jon.lloyd@gowlingwlg.com
Jennifer Mackerras Birmingham, England +44 207 664 0397 jennifer.mackerras@gowlingwlg.com
Sally Mewies Birmingham, England +44 121 685 2700 sally.mewies@gowlingwlg.com
Intellectual Property & Information Technology
Privacy & Data Protection
Sophie Morris Birmingham, England +44 121 393 0516 Sophie.Morris@gowlingwlg.com
Andrew Nugent Smith London, England +44 121 393 0630 andrew.nugentsmith@gowlingwlg.com
Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Business Development Committee
Reena Patel Birmingham, England +44 777 172 5536 reena.patel@gowlingwlg.com
Sally Pinkerton Birmingham, England +44 207 864 9510 sally.pinkerton@gowlingwlg.com
Quentin Poole London, England +44 370 733 0666 quentin.poole@gowlingwlg.com
Tom Price Birmingham, England +44 121 393 0558 tom.price@gowlingwlg.com
Liv Robertson Birmingham, England Olivia.Robertson@gowlingwlg.com
Cheryl Robinson Birmingham, England +44 121 685 3837 cheryl.robinson@gowlingwlg.com
Marketing & Business Development Professionals Forum
James Sidwell London, England +44 792 187 4709 james.sidwell@gowlingwlg.com
Dominic Sinnott Birmingham, England dominic.sinnott@gowlingwlg.com
Dan Smith Birmingham, England +44 20 3636 7862 dan.smith@gowlingwlg.com
Peter Thorne Birmingham, England +44 207 864 9507 peter.thorne@gowlingwlg.com
Emily Till London, England +44 20 7759 6482 emily.till@gowlingwlg.com
Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Chris Towle Birmingham, England +44 121 393 0700 chris.towle@gowlingwlg.com
Corporate Governance
International Corporate Transactions
Nick Turner Birmingham, England nick.turner@gowlingwlg.com
Rhodri Williams Birmingham, England rhodri.williams@gowlingwlg.com
Andrew Witts London, England +44 771 164 3400 andrew.witts@gowlingwlg.com
Jian Xu Guangzhou, China +86 20 3810 3778 Jian.xu@gowlingwlg.com
Intellectual Property & Information Technology
Intellectual Property
Stuart Young London, England +44 203 636 7968 stuart.young@gowlingwlg.com
International Corporate Transactions
Board of Directors
Membership Committee
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