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Mason Hayes & Curran’s advice comes from its renowned expertise, which is honed by practical experience. It is tailored to clients’ business and strategic objectives, giving them clear recommendations. This allows clients to make good, informed decisions and to anticipate and successfully navigate even the most complex matters. Mason Hayes & Curran’s working style is versatile and collaborative, creating a shared perspective with clients so that legal solutions are developed together. The service the firm provides is award-winning and innovative. This approach is how the firm makes a valuable and practical contribution to each client’s objectives.

Mason Hayes & Curran has profound knowledge of and experience in the following sectors: Energy; Technology; Financial Services, Built Environment and Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Mason Hayes & Curran is a business law firm with 87 partners in # offices. These partners understand the challenges international organizations face when investing or locating in a foreign country; assisting them during initial establishment and in meeting their ongoing legal and commercial imperatives.

According to Chambers & Partners, our commercial team is “extremely proactive, knowledgeable and commercial” and our energy team is “very focused on solutions, especially on projects with tight deadlines.” Our Real Estate team has been praised as “providing advice of the highest standard” according to Legal 500.

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International business law firm Mason Hayes & Curran has announced the appointment of ten new partners in the firm’s Dispute Resolution, Competition, Real Estate, Corporate, Employment and Privacy & Data Security teams.

Legal Update

China Bond Connect is a mutual market access scheme that was launched in July 2017. Using China Bond Connect, overseas investors can invest in the China Interbank Bond Market by virtue of mutual access arrangements concerning trading, custody, and settlement.

Legal Update

A new mechanism has been introduced to make it easier for spouses and partners of CSEP holders to get permission to work in Ireland.

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