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Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak, an independent Polish law firm, offers legal services to businesses from Poland and abroad. We advise our clients on all the legal aspects of their local and international operations and represent them in litigation. We have worked continuously since 1991, and over the years we have won one of the leading positions in the market for legal services. We have expertise in all areas of the law that are relevant to business. We are a team of over 180 lawyers, and we liaise on a regular basis with the largest international law firms. The excellent quality of our services and an individual approach to each client are our distinguishing features. We take pride in the fact that many of our clients have been with us for years, as we have advised them since the creation of our firm or theirs.


SK&S lawyers combine expert knowledge of business law with the vast experience they have gained advising Polish entrepreneurs and foreign investors in a variety of industry sectors. Our extensive expertise in law and thorough understanding of the environment in which our clients function help us to provide them with the best and, not infrequently, most novel solutions to their problems. Since our incorporation, the firm has assisted and represented numerous participants in major business operations in Poland and abroad.


Our reputation stems from the clients’ satisfaction when they reach their business goals. We have also won wide recognition from the legal community in Poland and abroad, as reflected by our high position in various professional rankings and the many awards we have been given. The firm and its lawyers have long been recommended by Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, PLC Which Lawyer?, and in rankings published by the Polish press, including the “Rzeczpospolita” and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” dailies and by the “Forbes” magazine. We are recognized as a leader in the legal services market in commercial law, intellectual property law, litigation and arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, competition law, banking and finance, tax law and labor law.


A unique collegial spirit explains why the majority of our lawyers and staff have been with the firm for many years, often since the beginnings of their professional careers.


We know that our clients like to have easy access to their lawyers, that is why we can always be reached.


We are able to work on complex cross-border transactions, as our close cooperation with many of the most renowned law firms in the world means we can ensure that the services of specialists from all the relevant jurisdictions are available when they are needed. We pride ourselves on having advised many international clients. We participate in numerous international professional organizations and associations such as: International Bar Association (IBA), AIJA, International Attorneys’ Club, GALA, The Club, Energy Law Group, EuroITCounsel, International Trademark Association, CELIA, European Employment Lawyers Association.


The firm was created in June 1991 when, following the transformation of the political and economic systems of Poland, there was born a free market for legal services focused on providing assistance in changes of ownership with new Polish and foreign investments. The creation of the firm and its growth were predicated upon the predictions of its founders as to how the legal market would develop in the new market reality. They proved to be right, as SK&S is now one of the leading law firms in Poland. To better respond to the needs of our clients in the western regions of the country, we opened an office in Poznań in 1997, and dynamic economic growth in the south prompted us to launch our office in Katowice in 1999.

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Esben Korsgaard Poulsen, from Bech-Bruun Law Firm (Denmark), outlines his WLG | exchange experience.

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SK&S invites you to a webinar: “Polish economic sanctions”. During the training, SK&S experts Jarosław Bieroński, Dr. Katarzyna Michałowska, Szymon Czerwiński, Joanna Goryca, Michał Zieliński and Michał Misiak will address the following issues:

  1. How does the Polish Sanctions Law fit within the EU sanctions regime?
  2. The reach of the Polish Sanctions Law – is it extraterritorial?
  3. What is the Polish list of sanctioned entities and what are the consequences of listing?
  4. What administrative and criminal penalties for infringement of sanctions apply under Polish law?
  5. How do the sanctions impact your business transactions with partners in Poland?
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"I am a tax lawyer heading the indirect tax practice within the Tax and Private Clients Department of SK&S. My original practice focuses on indirect (mainly VAT, excise, and customs) advisory related to the trade of commodities and supply of services, including the structuring of efficient VAT models aimed at reducing tax leakage."

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