35 Years of Leadership: Gordian Hasselblatt

Published on Sep 22, 2023


Gordian Hasselblatt, CMS Germany
Former Member of the WLG Board of Directors

How did you first get involved with WLG, and what led you to take on a leadership position, as well as donate your time to manage our global trademarks?

I didn’t have to think twice when I was asked to get involved with WLG, as I had already been practicing law in the international arena for some 15 years at that point. Through my involvement in this fabulous network, I could – and did – make use of WLG’s impressive market presence, which is basically all around the world, from the very first moment. For me and our firm’s clients, this meant the best of two worlds – global reach with local expertise! I soon realized that the WLG network was definitely something of a feather in my cap! In light of all this, I obviously felt privileged and honored when I was asked to take on the position of Director Europe/Middle East/Africa and join the Board a few years later. It was also a great pleasure and honor for me and for my team to take on the representation of the WLG trademark portfolio – a strong brand needs strong protection!

What has been the most meaningful accomplishment during your time as a member of the board?

It would not do justice to the numerous objectives pursued and implemented by the Board during my term of office to highlight single initiatives. I was indeed impressed by the depth and breadth of the discussions conducted under the prudent and competent leadership of Swee Kee Ng and Emer Gilvarry, and by the stringent implementation of the resolutions passed. What definitely deserves special mention are the tireless efforts of the various Board Members when it comes to getting those colleagues from member firms involved in WLG who do not regularly attend the conferences. The same applies to the constant search for high-caliber law firms in such jurisdictions where WLG does not yet have its own footprint. A personal highlight for me was definitely organizing and hosting the regional meetings of the EMEA chapter in Copenhagen and Lisbon, together with our friends from Bech-Bruun and PLMJ.

While serving as a Key Contact Partner for your firm, what more did you learn about WLG and its value to members?

Successful client work requires brilliant lawyering, combined with trust and efficiency. This is what WLG stands for, around the globe, and around the clock. When you need to pitch or deal with legal issues in some 20, 50, or even more countries at the same time, the WLG network is invaluable! Conveying this message to the colleagues within your firm is a no-brainer.

What is your advice to lawyers who want to get more involved or take on a leadership position in the WLG network?

Get involved and stay involved, the earlier the better! Be proactive and engaged, vis-à-vis your peers from other WLG firms, via webinars and/or in the various practice groups. Building your own network is a must for your personal career – and WLG is the proverbial red carpet for that!

As we reflect upon our growth during our 35th anniversary, tell us about the changes you've seen in the network during the years you have been involved and what leads you to believe our best days are ahead of us.

We have seen numerous changes over the past 35 years and have to accept, anticipate, and be prepared for many more to come. WLG is not the type of network that will rest on its (non-existent) laurels. Rather, with its strength and enthusiasm, it will undoubtedly keep its relentless momentum going, over the next 35 years and beyond!