35 Years of Leadership: Klaus Kemmler

Published on Dec 12, 2023

Dr. Klaus Kemmler
Sigle Loose Schmidt-Diemitz (now known as CMS Germany)

Founding Member and Former Membership Committee Member

Dr. Klaus Kemmler represented his German firm at the organizational meeting of World Law Group in 1987 in London. Klaus jumped at the opportunity to be a part of establishing World Law Group when the concept was a novel one. He continued to attend WLG conferences until his untimely passing in late 1990. While his time with WLG was brief, he was an instrumental part in forming one of the world's first international legal networks, was a founding member of our Membership Committee, served on the Officer Appointment Committee, and helped recruit new member firms.

Upon his passing, WLG's first president, King Berlew, said the following:

"All WLG attorneys were saddened to learn that on November 26, 1990, Klaus Kemmler passed away after a difficult struggle with cancer. Klaus was one of the founding members of the WLG and a good friend to many of the lawyers participating in WLG activities. Klaus had a particular proactive vision for WLG and he made an immense contribution to the establishment of the organization. Klaus Kemmler, King Berlew, and Martin Brink are largely responsible for the success that WLG enjoys today. All of us will miss his intellect, his wit, his unfailing good humor -- and the ever-present pipe. We were honored and delighted that Gipsy Kemmler [his wife] came to the Utrecht meeting, and our sympathies continue to be extended to her and her daughters."

In 1991, to honor the contributions Klaus made to WLG during its formative years, the network created the "Kemmler Award." King Berlew was its first recipient. Mr. Berlew was presented the honor by the widow of Dr. Klaus Kemmler, Mrs. Gipsy Kemmler, at the October semi-annual members meeting in Leipzig. Then-president Tom Harrold said the Kemmler Award was established to honor the life and memory of Dr. Klaus Kemmler, one of the most beloved and respected attorneys with the Stuttgart-based law firm of Sigle, Loose, Schmidt-Diemitz & Partners (now CMS Germany).

Since then, ten others have received this award for outstanding service to WLG. We will not forget the contributions of Dr. Klaus Kemmler.