Alfaro Abogados Participates in WLG | impact '23 Year-Round

Published on May 25, 2023

Alfaro Abogados (Argentina) participated in WLG | impact '23 not only in June, but year round!


Diversity and inclusion are critical components of a law firm's corporate social responsibility strategy. As the legal profession becomes more diverse and clients demand greater representation, it is imperative that law firms create and maintain inclusive environments that embrace diverse perspectives and experiences. Creating an inclusive and diverse work environment is simply the right thing to do.

We recently signed the American Bar Association's "Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession: A Pledge for Change. We are very happy and excited with the challenging work ahead of us!


Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia is an NGO that promotes initiatives related to environmental education and the protection of natural resources in Argentina.

We got in touch with the association this year, and after holding several meetings to align ourselves with the NGO, we started an internal adaptation process for both the firm and its members with the goal of obtaining the certification as a sustainable workplace... And we are now close to achieving it!


Education. We continue to reimburse fees for professional development and postgraduate studies of our firm members.

Recycling. We maintain our policy of recycling coffee capsules and paper, as well as providing reusable bags.

Well-being. We take care of our team by providing healthy snacks at the office and completely covering their gym membership fees.

Society. We offer pro bono advice to organizations that promote public welfare, such as Foro Ecuménico y Social, El Samaritano, The Borges Foundation, Lean In,Techo Argentina, and our most recent addition, Fondo Nacional Armenia.


We are deeply committed to creating a better world by fostering a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

While we recognize that there is much more work to be done, we are proud of the progress we have made this year in our corporate social responsibility efforts.

We will continue to push ourselves to improve and strive towards meaningful and positive change, both within our firm and in the world at large!