Argentina: Alfaro Abogados Strengthens its Commitment to Legal Excellence

Published on May 22, 2023

Alfaro Abogados strengthens its commitment to legal excellence by expanding its team in strategic areas

In order to provide top-notch advisory services in all areas of law, Alfaro Abogados has expanded its teams in key areas such as Mining, Litigation, International Law, Compliance, Institutional Relations, and Diversity and Inclusion. This group of lawyers brings extensive experience and specialized knowledge to the firm, further strengthening its position as a leader in the industry.

The distinguished professionals joining the firm are Andrés Villarreal, Eloisa Guevara Lynch, Madelaine Geuzi Karaian, Sabrina Farone, Milagros Tallarico, and Viviana Porte. Their broad experience and expertise enhance the firm's ability to provide comprehensive and high-quality legal advice, ensuring effective solutions in a globalized environment.

With this strategic growth, Alfaro Abogados is in a strong position to face the most complex legal challenges and provide innovative solutions to its clients. The firm reinforces its commitment to providing excellent advisory services, highlighting the value of teamwork, integrity, and transparency in all its operations.