Gianni & Origoni Held Lets GOP Initiative for WLG | impact '23

Published on May 22, 2023

WLG | impact '23

Through our GOP CARES program our firm has continued to carry out and consolidate many initiatives dedicated to the environment (GOP Cares Green), its people (GOP Cares Social), and governance (GOP Cares Work).

With GOP Cares Green, we further implemented our commitment to environmental sustainability by reinforcing our plastic-free policy; improving our digitalization process with the aim of reducing paper use; installing energy-efficient lighting technology (eg. LED) in all offices, including motion sensors for turning off the lights automatically; and implementing automatic shutdown of PCs in the evening hours when not in use.

In these months we have organized and participated in many GOP Cares Social initiatives dedicated to supporting and helping communities in need.

Among the most important carried out this year we would like to mention the following:

Let’s GOP! 2023


This is our special ESG project launched in 2021 that involves our lawyers and staff on a global scale.

The 2023 “Let’s GOP!” edition took place on June 5th (World Environment Day) during which all members of the firm were asked and motivated to exercise and travel by non-polluting means to/from the office.

Through the use of Strava, a mobile app designed for athletes which tracks all physical activity such as walking, cycling and running, all steps and kilometers are counted and converted into money which is then donated to a charity chosen by the firm.

We are proud to announce that this year “Let’s GOP!” saw the participation of 225 people and achieved almost 1,100 kilometers! The money raised was donated in support of the people and areas affected by the recent flooding in Italy, specifically in the Emilia-Romagna region.

This initiative is social on various levels: not only does it reduce carbon imprint and support communities in need, but it also strengthens the team spirit among GOP members and promotes health within the workplace!

Race for the Cure


Organized by the Susan G. Komen foundation, Race for the Cure is the largest event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. The annual event is divided into three categories: a non-competitive 5K run; a 2K walk; and a competitive 5K race.

The money raised goes toward funding educational and early detection programs to help fight breast cancer.

The 2023 edition of the Komen Race for the Cure took place in Rome on Sunday, May 7. Our firm registered 115 participants. We will also participate in the Bologna edition in September.

Milan Relay Marathon

On April 2, 2023, GOP took part in the Milan Relay Marathon: this is a charity and non-competitive event linked to the Milano Marathon Charity Program, which consists of a relay race for teams of four people who run the 42-kilometermarathon in four fractions between 7 and 13 kilometers. It is an event in which each team participates by partnering with a non-profit organisation of its choice. With our five GOP teams, we supported the educational program “INSIEME PER LE EMOZIONI” which concretely combats the increasingly widespread psycho-emotional malaise among the younger generations.MuoY0EMsB4F-fNNcqu4OBIQPBLaBjAK6vx_5ZZtWQozHJ1Ly_H-n3PjAX8jQMXVjNaARo9LZ3eBOBa37dBFC8uZcAc-zduH8T9AF8BHiR9lwmXZGE5ZJpVM68J40nj-GvrHS_OMsvUqcMCI-U3Rvh6k

We are also further developing our GOP Cares Work initiatives which focus on the fundamental issues regarding governance and diversity. Through our dedicate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team that monitors and advocates improvement in this field we are organising a series of conferences dedicated to improving D&I policies.

We are excited for the many projects that lie ahead and are looking forward to continuing our ESG journey for a better, greener and healthier 2024.