Michal Herzfeld - Contributor to Global Venture Capital Guide

Published on Feb 4, 2021


Michal Herzfeld
Partner, Herzog Fox & Neeman (Israel)
Contributor to Global
Venture Capital Guide

1. Briefly describe your practice.
I primarily represent buyers and sellers in international mergers and acquisitions and represent domestic and foreign venture capital and private equity firms, as well as both start-up and more established Israeli companies, in investment rounds. I also assist clients with ongoing corporate matters, joint ventures, and commercial transactions.

2. Tell us about an interesting client matter that you have worked on.
Part of the reason I chose law was the opportunity to learn new things all the time—whether it's developments in the law, a new client's business, or how to cope with novel challenges like those posed by COVID-19. Lately we've seen a huge increase in the number of business combinations with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), and that has been interesting because of the complexities of having to consider the needs of so many different stakeholders and the preparations that must be made for a soon-to-be-public company. I'm currently working on a very exciting transaction that will involve a three-way combination among our client, another entity operating in the same field, and a mid-sized SPAC that has yet to be identified, plus the typical Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) investment.

3. What is something you enjoy doing in your free time?
One of my favorite activities is hiking with my family. We're very lucky to live in Israel, where the weather is suitable for hiking the whole year and there are so many different types of landscapes that are all accessible within a short drive: from the Negev desert in the south to the beautiful sandy cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, the cooler hills surrounding Jerusalem and the rugged forests of the Galilee region in the north. Now that the kids are getting a bit older, our next step will be multi-day camping adventures!

4. Have you worked on a client or business development collaboration with another WLG member firm that you would like to share with us?
Most recently, I've been representing a client that is being purchased by a foreign private equity firm. The client has subsidiaries in several jurisdictions outside Israel, which gave rise to some corporate law questions like whether a local representative is required on the board of directors. Victor Xercavins at Cuatrecasas (Spain) and Scott Guan at Zhong Lun (China) answered my emails within minutes, which was a real benefit for my client. Being part of WLG means that we can offer this added value and showcase our international reach.