Ping Gu- New WLG Key Contact Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm (China)

Published on Jan 12, 2024

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Ping Gu
New Key Contact Partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm
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1. Briefly describe your practice.

I specialize in safeguarding the intellectual property of multinational corporations operating in China. I've earned recognition as a 2021-2023 Benchmark China IP Litigation Star, achieved Chambers Ranked Band II status for many years consecutively, and been named among ALB China's Top 15 IP Lawyers. Additionally, I've received the 2020 Best In Patent-Woman in Business Award.

With over two decades of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, my focus lies in cross-border IP litigation, transactions, and licensing. Heading a skilled and diverse team with backgrounds in engineering and the sciences, we provide guidance across a wide range of technologies, including 5G, IoT devices, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, video games, chemicals, and electric vehicles. Recognizing the growing significance of IP in dealmaking and business strategies, I also frequently engage in customs enforcement and antitrust matters.

2. You were recently selected as a Key Contact Partner for your firm. Can you tell us what you hope to gain through WLG participation?

WLG provides an admirable collection of elite international legal professionals and a global platform for sharing local expertise that adds value to multi-jurisdiction practitioners. Focusing on cross-border practice, I always seek opportunities to collaborate with international attorneys.

3. Are there any specific topics that you look forward to learning about from WLG colleagues?

Attorneys are society's thought leaders, and I frequently ponder on the role we should play in our collective destiny. As a patent attorney, I work at the forefront of technology, and I am constantly fascinated by the ingenuity embodied in inventions in the field of green energy. My firm and I are committed to accelerating the global transition to a carbon-free future, and I am curious about the investment, financial, and regulatory aspects of electric vehicles, renewable energy generation, semiconductors, supply chains, and smart grids from a legal practice perspective.

Accordingly, representing China's foremost comprehensive legal service provider, I am excited to join WLG's encyclopedic collection of expert attorneys, each at the pinnacle of their field of practice, to expedite our green transition.

4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy relaxing in nature and exploring art museums. Whether it was climbing over the Great Wall or hiking the Yosemite trails, I find a sense of invigoration in unique expeditions. I often immerse myself in studying classical paintings' intricate details and historical context. Especially, I admire the works of Rembrandt and John Sargent in their mastery of conveying realism and depth in portraiture.