WLG | impact '24: An impact in Shilla

Published on Jun 4, 2024

WLG Impact: An impact in Shilla

This year, 20 members from Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados (PRCP) decided to volunteer in the mountains of Huaypán, in the north of Peru. As part of PRCP culture, we travelled to Shilla, to highlight the importance of being collaborative with different communities.

PRCP: A firm commited to social development

Since the company was founded in 1996, it has been clear that one of its main purposes is to create a social impact over the world. Trips to various regions in Peru, such as Puno and Ayacucho, are a tradition to keep the company’s CSR spirit alive, and each member of the firm is commited to it.

It took 10 hours to get to the highland, located in Shilla, Ancash. The intention the crew had was to implement consistent concrete floor for three different people who were disabled, and whose mobility was restricted due to the condition of the infrastructure they lived in.

Narciso, Yandel and Mario

PRCP firmly believes that work gets done when people work together, so they got in contact with a local parish to reach three different families who needed a change in their lives. That is how they met Narciso, an admirable man who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and, due to his disability, couldn’t walk properly. Also, they met Yandel, a kid with down syndrome and paralysis who lived with his mom. Finally, the firm collaborated with Mario, a man who received two gunshots and is currently paralytic.

Although being different, Narciso, Yandel and Mario needed something in common: a concrete floor to move around with no difficulties. So PRCP members worked together to build the infrastructure that was required to bring mobility and safety to these families.

Mario, who was benefited from the construction, said  "I am very glad for your help. This action will bring me a support to walk, so my legs will be stronger”.

A mission that never ends 

The work done in Shilla relieved Narciso, Yandel, Mario and their families, and changed the reality they lived day by day. PRCP has always participated and led action initiatives that create a better country, and the CSR commitment will always continue, following justice, strategy and honesty.