Denmark: Regional 2024 Doing Business In Update

Published on May 16, 2024

2024 Denmark Regional Update

Firm Name: Bech-Bruun
Authors: Emil Steenberg, Lasse Vittus Hupfeld

1. How is the political environment impacting business in or with your country?

Recently, we have seen changes to regulation regarding parental leave and removal of a public holiday affecting Danish business. Furthermore, politicians are working actively towards gaining a “democratic control of tech giants”. Green transition remains a political focus area and Danish politicians have a clear desire for Denmark to maintain a frontrunner position. Another general concern is that Denmark is (and will) be experiencing labor shortages withincertain sectors (green transition, medico, health care, etc.). Business organizations are pushing this agenda, but politicians seem reluctant to make significant changes due to strict immigration policy being an important political topic.

2. Which countries have you previously collaborated with and do you see potential for future collaboration with on cross-border matters within the region?

Recently, we have particularly been collaborating with member firms from Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. In recent months, we have seen increased activity within the M&A market (including the M&A real estate market), which is expected to create more exciting opportunities to collaborate with member firms on cross-border matters within the region.

3. What legislation has recently changed or is changing that a potential international client should be aware of?

Most significant legislation that potential international clients should be aware of includes (i) the implementation of the CRSD, (ii) amendments to the Danish Competition Act (e.g., that the DCCA can demand merger control of "smaller" transactions between companies with a combined revenue of DKK 50m), (iii) evaluation of the foreign direct investment screening act, and (iv) new legislation requiring timeregistration for all employees.