Sayako Tsukamoto- Key Contact Partner and Human Resources Group Member

Published on Aug 15, 2023


Sayako Tsukamoto
Key Contact Partner and Human Resources Group Member
City-Yuwa Partners (Japan)

1. Briefly describe your practice.

I specialize in employment law and corporate law, and I primarily assist foreign clients operating in Japan. I am also head of City-Yuwa’s German practice. I advise and represent my clients in employment-related matters, such as employment contracts, employment disputes, and compliance with Japanese employment regulations. I also support clients in corporate matters, such as business formation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and contract negotiations. I navigate the complexities of the Japanese legal system and ensure that foreign clients' business activities comply with local laws while protecting their interests in the Japanese market.

2. You were recently selected as a Key Contact Partner for your firm. Can you tell us what you hope to gain through WLG participation?

As a Key Contact Partner for our firm, through WLG participation, I hope to enhance my firm’s presence and network within the legal community. I hope to gain insights into global legal trends, developments, and best practices. By connecting with WLG colleagues, I aim to foster collaborative relationships, exchange knowledge, and explore potential business opportunities for my firm. Furthermore, I hope to share my firm’s expertise, especially in supporting foreign clients doing business in Japan, thereby leading to more collaborations.

3. Could you tell us about a recent client, marketing, or other collaboration with another WLG member firm?

While we are handling an increasing number of cross-border assignments, as a strategy to best serve our clients, we have decided on having our Tokyo office as our sole office. Thus, we find collaborating with WLG member firms to be increasingly important. Actively collaborating with member firms benefits not only our clients but also reinforces the value of networking within WLG. One way we are promoting WLG is by posting about our attendance at WLG events and visits to our office from WLG members on our LinkedIn page. We started a LinkedIn in 2022 to leverage our promotional activities and our WLG activities in particular. We appreciate that many WLG firm members have followed our LinkedIn, and we encourage WLG firm members to visit our office in Tokyo, with a great view of the Imperial Palace.

4. What is your favorite thing about living in Tokyo?

Vibrant Culture: Tokyo is a dynamic city with a blend of traditional Japanese culture and modern urban life, and offers a range of activities from exploring ancient temples and historical sites to enjoying futuristic technology and pop culture.

Excellent Public Transportation: Tokyo's public transportation system is known for its efficiency and punctuality, making it easy to navigate the city and reach destinations quickly.

Culinary Delights: Tokyo is a food lover's paradise, offering an array of delicious and diverse cuisines, including traditional Japanese dishes and international fare.

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