Seongsoo Kim- New WLG Key Contact Partner, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (South Korea)

Published on Mar 21, 2024

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Seongsoo Kim
New WLG Key Contact Partner
Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (South Korea)
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1. Briefly describe your practice.

I am currently one of the executive partners at Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (BKL) and lead the Labor & Employment practice group. Mainly as a litigator, I represent various Korean industrial and financial companies at trial and appellate levels in administrative and civil cases, including labor & employment disputes. I have also led BKL teams in high-profile actions across a wide spectrum of claims, such as corporate wrongdoing, environmental claims, automotive defects, telecommunication regulations, and trade secret violations.

2. What topics are trending in South Korea?

The Korean financial supervising authority is very aggressive nowadays in tracking down financial institutions' wrongdoings and 'immoral marketing practices' in the name of consumer protection. It brings about various kinds of civil and criminal disputes for our clients, domestic or abroad, to cope with.

3. You were recently selected as a Key Contact Partner for your firm. Can you tell us what you hope to gain through WLG participation?

I wish to strengthen the connection between BKL and other member firms. Also, as I took the role of executive partner this year, I hope to learn best practices of law firm management from other participants during conferences and other online activities.

4. Could you tell us about a recent client, marketing, or other collaboration with another WLG member firm?

Recently, Ukraine observer firm Sayenko Kharenko reached out to us. We had an online meeting and are having an in-person meeting in May to explore joint business opportunities.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I play golf or enjoy exploring the hidden gems of Seoul with my wife.