You're Invited! WLG Cannabis Webinar: The Vaping Health Controversy

Published on Oct 30, 2019


November 19, 2019
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16:00 UTC

The WLG Cannabis Law Group will host a webinar that is open to anyone on November 19, 2019 at 16:00 UTC (local times here). The webinar will focus on the vaping health controversy, including:
  • Vaporizing and what it is;
  • What we know about vaporizing health implications for tobacco and cannabis;
  • Differences between tobacco and cannabis with respect to vaping;
  • How different U.S. states are banning vaping;
  • What we have seen in insurance policies;
  • Risk mitigation for cannabis and tobacco companies; and
  • Other issues such as the impact on valuation of cannabis companies.

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