Bruchou & Funes de Rioja Participates in Electronic Recycling Project for WLG | impact '23

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja (Argrentina) participated in a waste electrical and electronic equipment reduction project among firm members.

During the whole month of June, they received and collected unused or broken computer equipment (e.g., laptops, notebooks, netbooks, complete CPUs, tablets, LED and LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, RAM memory, hard drives, processors, chargers, various cables, and peripherals, cell phones, batteries, etc.) in specified boxes.

At the end of June, employees loaded all the unused equipment onto a truck and transported and delivered everything collected to the Equidad Foundation (, which refurbishes and prepares the broken or unused equipment to be donated to schools, workshops, dining halls, etc., that may need them.

Items that the Foundation did not accept (e.g., batteries) were discarded at the Green Points in the City of Buenos Aires. ( entire law firm participated in a collective initiative with not only environmental scope (the disposal of electronics) but also social impact (the reutilization of these devices by those who need them), reducing the digital divide that exists in Argentina.