Bruno Ferreira - WLG Key Contact Partner


Bruno Ferreira
PLMJ (Portugal)

WLG Key Contact Partner

1. Share with us something new and interesting about your firm.
We have just recently launched a new “Responsible Business” practice area, which offers legal and strategic advice to companies and investors on the full range of environmental, social and governance issues, helping them turn challenges into business opportunities. The new practice area brings together our extensive experience in matters relating to sustainable and social financing, business and human rights, and business ethics. I am personally very committed to this area and, internally, we have put our money where our mouth is and have been using impact and ESG factors as one of our strategic drivers. This double push is fantastic in the way it aligns our people to produce the best outcomes for our clients. Within our ESG strategy we have also established a partnership with NOVA School of Law to create the NOVA Knowledge Centre for Business, Human Rights and the Environment (NOVA-BHRE). The mission of NOVA-BHRE is to place Portugal at the forefront of the European commitment to make its businesses an example of responsible and sustainable business conduct, with companies playing a central role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations.

2. As a new Key Contact Partner for PLMJ, in what jurisdictions and/or practice/industry areas do you see the potential for a new collaboration with WLG members?
We have always had the pleasure of collaborating extensively with WLG members, especially thanks to the efforts of our founding partner Luis Sáragga Leal. Our teams that act in global transactions will certainly be on the front line, especially when it comes to M&A, antitrust, tax and finance work, as will our litigation team, a true powerhouse for the firm. We have been seeing an increasing volume of collaboration on life sciences and tech and, of course, we expect that restructuring will be a big part of what the firm will be doing in the short term, given the economic impact of the pandemic. We also expect to collaborate more in Angola and Mozambique.

3. When we can finally meet in Portugal, what is a "must see or do" when visiting there?
We have many unique places to visit in Portugal (pun intended). Lisbon is a historic city full of stories to tell, where the sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15º C. Seeing the sunset by the river is one of the best ways to end your day and, during the conference period, you will be able to explore everything that Lisbon has to offer. We also suggest taking a couple of days to go to the Douro and Porto region in the north of the country. The region has many interesting places to visit and can include both a city tour and nature exploring. Please come and visit Portugal and don't rush your stay: our economy needs your money and you need to relax! Make plans to spend a perfect week in Portugal and I’ll be glad to share our country with you and help you plan the perfect holiday trip.

4. Have you had any recent client, marketing or other collaboration with a WLG member firm(s)?
We have three recent client collaborations (some of them are still ongoing) with Hunton Andrews Kurth (in Mozambique), D’Empaire (in Portugal) and with ENSafrica, with whom we frequently work on matters relating to Angola and Mozambique. These are evidence of our fruitful relationships with several WLG firms and the numerous advantages that the network brings to our clients.