CMS Slovenia Secures 5G Frequencies to BeeIN

With last Thursday’s public auction, AKOS (the Communications Networks and Services Agency of the Republic of Slovenia) concluded a two-phase public tender for 5G frequencies for the provision of critical machine-to-machine (M2M) business communications.

In the two-staged tender procedure, AKOS initially confirmed that the interested parties proved that their economical and technical competence regarding the conditions of the tender are fulfilled. In the subsequent second stage a public auction was held. After two days of bidding, the company BeeIN d.o.o., a subsidiary of Iskratel, a leading European provider of communication solutions for the digital transformation of the telecommunication, transport, public safety and energy industries, succeeded and closed the public auction at EUR 970,000.

CMS Slovenia, more precisely Tamara Žajdela and Robert Kordić, led by Aleš Lunder, offered BeeIN d.o.o. overall legal and strategic advice. We have led the client throughout the tendering procedure, including the public auction and thereby secured for the client the first 5G M2M frequencies in Slovenia intended to transfer information between physical or virtual units.

Official news: Zaključek javne dražbe za dodelitev frekvenc za zagotavljanje poslovno kritičnih komunikacij M2M preko namenskih omrežij v frekvenčnem pasu 700 MHz: AKOS (