Cuatrecasas Foundation calls for Candidates for Manuel Olivencia Award

The Cuatrecasas Foundation is now receiving applications from candidates for the third edition of the Manuel Olivencia Award for Good Corporate Governance, which will recognize the best management by listed companies in Spain during the COVID-19 crisis. The jury will consider factors such as the virtualization of governing bodies; transparency; the consistency of measures;and environmental, social and governance actions. The award ceremony will be held in February 2021.

An independent and prestigious panel, presided over by Matias Rodriguez-lnciarte, chair of Santander Universities and a member of the award's panel since its creation, will decide the winning company. From this edition on, Matias Rodriguez-lnciartewill preside over the panel substituting Manuel Pizarro.

The award honors the memory of the late Manuel Olivencia, a professor of commercial law at the University of Seville, vice chair of Cuatrecasas and chair of the committee that drafted the first Spanish Code of Corporate Governance in1998, known as the Olivencia Code.

Previous editions

In just a few years, the award has become a reference point for the recognition of corporate governance best practices by listedcompanies in Spain. In its previous editions (2018 and 2019), the Manuel Olivencia Award for Good Corporate Governance wasawarded to the International Airlines Group (IAG) and Amadeus IT Group, S.A.

The panel highlighted the composition of their board of directors, their investor relation policy, the duration of directors' termof office, the selection and training policies for the directors, and the transparency in remuneration matters.

About Manuel Olivencia

Manuel Olivencia was an accomplished lawyer who combined the vocation of teaching from his chair of commercial law with thedesire to share knowledge from his professional work in Cuatrecasas, as a partner of this firm. His impressive professional curriculum as a lawyer, university professor, undersecretary of education, commissioner of the Expo 92 in Seville and chair ofthe commission that drafted the Olivencia Code, is complemented by his personal trajectory and the indelible memories he left hisfamily, friends, students, colleagues and everyone who knew and interacted with him.

He accumulated numerous awards and acknowledgments throughout his life, both in Spain and abroad.

About the Cuatrecasas Foundation

The Cuatrecasas Foundation, created in1991, focuses its activity on projects relating to rule of law and access to justice in linewith the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goal 16: peace, justice and strong institutions. Peace, justice and strong institutions. The foundation's flagship activities are the Manuel Olivencia Award for Good CorporateGovernance and the creation of the Spanish Pro Bono Foundation, a platform including a wide representation from the legal worldto develop pro bono projects in Spain.

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