Elimination of Mandatory Use of Face Masks in Costa Rica

Executive Ordinance number 43544 was published today, which amends article 3 of Executive Ordinance number 42421-S of March 10, 2021, called "Mandatory use of face mask."

With this amendment, the mandatory use of face masks is only required for front line health employees in public and private health care and for people who enter into health centers in the country.

Consequently, for other people and establishments, the obligation to use face masks is eliminated.


By company policy, and in order to protect health and hygiene in the workplace, the employer can implement the use of face masks as mandatory protective equipment. In this case, we recommend drafting a policy, making it known to employees, and, in addition, the employer must assume the cost of face masks, i.e., the employer must provide the employees with this protective equipment.

This employer's faculty is based on the following rules:

It is also important to remember that COVID 19 infection in the workplace is classified as an occupational accident, so in case of contagions in the company, it would be covered by the Occupational Risks Insurance