Financing for Ambitious Infrastructure Project in Uruguay

Grupo Vial Oriental Dos S.A., a SPV owned by Traxpalco S.A. and Hernández y González S.A. (Sponsors) entered into a 20 years PPP Agreement (Public-Private Participation Agreement) with the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works for the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads in the east side of the country (routs 9 and 15). These works are much needed in the area (Municipality of Rocha) and are of great importance for the Country, being the main inland commerce route with Brazil. This project is known as Circuito 2, and is one of the few lefts to be executed after the government launched a series of seven PPP projects for road maintenance and rehabilitation in the past years. This same sponsors have already closed a another PPP road rehabilitation and maintenance contract on 2019 (Circuito 1).