Formosa Transnational Assists With Drawing Up Regulations for Environmental Sustainability for WLG | impact '23

Formosa Transnational (FT) is committed to a sustainable workplace. Since 2021, the firm has encouraged staff to use their own environmentally-friendly food containers and tableware in the office to reduce the amount of single-use plastic and paper generated. The firm prioritizes sustainability when serving guests and clients by using glasses instead disposable cups for water and other beverages. To further reduce their environmental footprint, documents are printed on two sides, waste paper is recycled, and refuse is sorted into designated bins.

For WLG | impact '23 and going forward, the firm is focusing on the following initiatives with a view toward sparking change in Taiwan and their community:

  1. Assisting the Taiwanese government in drawing up regulations for environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality.
  2. Helping clients comply with regulations for environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality, responding proactively to climate risk, and resolving disputes arising from the same through mediation.
  3. Drafting supply chain management regulations and supporting supply chain partners in taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Encouraging staff to use the many green transportation options available in Taipei and providing them with necessary support to make sustainable choices.