India: Google Loses Antitrust Appeal in Android Case

Google has tasted another setback in India in its fight with the Antitrust regulator, Competition Commission of India (“CCI/Commission”). The appeal filed by Google against the CCI last order dated 20.10.2022 has been dismissed on merits and, except for some reliefs on some of the market correction directions issued by the CCI in its said order, Google has lost almost on all grounds.

The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (“NCLAT/Tribunal”) vide its Judgement dated 29.03.2023 has upheld the Commission’s order dated 20.10.2022 in Case No 39 of 2018[1] (“impugned order) against Google LLC and Google India Private (Collectively referred as Google) .......

[1] In Re: Mr. Umar Javeed & Ors. And Google LLC and Google India Private Limited

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