Kaare Risung - WLG IP & IT Group Member

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Kaare Risung

WLG IP & IT Group Member

1. Tell us about a particularly rewarding matter you've worked on recently.
Having worked as a lawyer within technology, media and telecoms for most of my 28-year career, it has been really rewarding the last few years to have had the opportunity to utilize my experience also in other industries, such as establishing JVs in Asia for hydrogen distribution. The experience accumulated within an industry may add value also in other industries. I have also worked on access to infrastructure for jet fuel distribution to airports. Access to infrastructure which constitute natural monopolies is at the heart of ecommerce regulation, but has a strong resemblance to similar issues arising in other industries. Otherwise, it is of course extremely interesting with my core area of expertise to have been involved with the Elon Musk/SpaceX' Starlink project since the very start, when the frequency resources were secured with the ITU through Norway.

2. What changes have you noticed in client expectations over the past two years?
I have not really noticed any changes in client expectations over the past two years. Clients still request and value holistic and practical advice in the midst of uncertainty. I do however appreciate that clients have become more technologically savvy and can now utilize, and expect lawyers to use, tools such as video services, file sharing and other tools for working more collaboratively and efficiently. The threshold to involve lawyers has actually decreased now that it is only a matter of inviting to a Teams (or Zoom or Webex) meeting rather than asking us to set aside large parts of a day to attend an hour-long physical meeting.

3. You've been involved in WLG for some time, in particular, the IP/IT practice group. What is one important relationship that you've developed through the network?
I do not want to emphasize any particular relationship. To me, the greatest value is in the network as a whole – knowing that we form a formidable team across jurisdictions and specialties. I, and we, can do even more to lower the threshold to draw on each other in daily work and thereby deepening relationships.

4. What is something you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy working out with colleagues three mornings a week in the early AM. Core training, super set strength exercises and running intervals. On the weekends I enjoy cross country skiing, long runs in the forest, roller skiing, mountain climbing and trekking. I listen to audio books in my car and when I run or ski. Great way to train the body and mind! Also, I have to keep up with Liverpool FC and the Carolina Panthers.