Meet the WLG Staff Team - Tori Drayer

In honor of women's history month (celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the US), we would like to introduce you to our small Staff Team of four, entirely powered by women.

Tori Drayer, Technology Media & Administrative Specialist

Tori started with the network in 2017, rounding out the Staff Team to a group of four. Her role has changed from Data & Administrative Coordinator's initial position in 2017 to managing Technology, Graphic Design, Social Media, and more.

What's your favorite part about working on a small Staff Team?

I've loved being a part of a small Staff Team. It has been my first experience working with only a handful of peers, and I've loved the experience. I appreciate the collaborative functionality and the ability to be a part of so many different projects.

What has been your favorite conference you've traveled to (country)?

I've only traveled to one, so I'd have to say, Costa Rica. The tropical environment was great to experience, and hopefully, I have future opportunities to travel a bit more.

Fun fact about yourself?

I love animals and dogs. I've rescued all of my dogs, and I hope to start fostering in the future to give shelter dogs in need a loving home before they find their forever home.

What's your favorite activity outside of work?

I love to travel to car shows and drift events in and around the Central Virginia area with my fiancé. He competes in drift competitions, and I'm crew support!