Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Perez Abogados Coordinates Project with the Parish of Shilla in Ancash for WLG | impact

For the second edition of the WLG Impact initiative, Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Perez Abogados (Lima, Peru) coordinated another project with the parish of Shilla in Ancash to help the local community by helping with the construction of the Refugio Yerbac. This building will provide lodging services to tourists visiting the Huascarán National Park. The profits obtained from Refugio Yerbac will support works in favor of the inhabitants of the area. And so, we organized an internal campaign to raise funds for the construction materials to build the project, and within 48 hours, we met our fundraising goal.

Additionally, 16 employees traveled to Shilla to help prepare the land where the refugio will be built. Located at the base of Nevado Huascarán at approximately 3900 meters above sea level, we worked alongside the children and members of the local community and helped clean up the surrounding areas, transported wood and other materials from the forest, and constructed a few common area structures on the land. Our volunteer project was an amazing success and we look forward to returning back to Shilla once the Refugio Yerbac is constructed.