Pellerano Nadal Participates in Multiple Programs for WLG | impact

Member firm Pellerano Nadal (Dominican Republic) participated in a number of programs to help make a difference for WLG | impact:

Vasos x Vidrios is a campaign by Green Love in the Dominican Republic, where old glass containers are collected and exchanged for new glass cups. Pellerano Nadal served as a collection center for the firm’s team to bring in the glass they wished to recycle. The whole campaign closed with a total of 4,126 kg of glass collected.

For Tapitas x Quimio the firm is collecting plastic bottle caps and selling them to recycling companies. The proceeds are used to financially support chemotherapy treatments for children in the Dominican Republic. The firm has collected about 1,537 kg of plastic caps so far.

During International Coastal Cleanup Day the firm took its team to a beach in the Dominican Republic to collect trash.

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