Uruguay: POS 2000

Five of the leading institutions in Uruguay, namely OCA, Banco Itaú, First Data, Cabal, Visanet, have been relevant participants in the national payment system market, and for more than two decades, have collaborated through POS 2000, an agreement through which these parties owned and administered a significant share of the electronic payment network in Uruguay, essentially through the lease of tens of thousands of physical terminals to companies all across the country.

Through the deal, after extensive three-year negotiations and participation of the Central Bank of Uruguay, the parties agreed on the termination of their POS 2000 agreement, and through a complex and sophisticated asset liquidation with multiple technical and technological challenges, they structured separate networks for each party.

Consulting firm CPA participated and coordinated the termination proceedings.

Guyer & Regules
Names and titles of lawyers:
Juan Manuel Albacete – Partner
Renato Guerrieri – Associate
María Eugenia Radiccioni - Associate