Norway: Data Protection Authority Recommends Review of Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms on Websites

By Eva Jarbekk

Norway – The Norwegian Data Protection Authority recommends review of cookies and tracking mechanisms on websites

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has recommended that all businesses review their websites for cookies or other tracking mechanisms. The recommendation was due to, inter alia, the fact that Sveriges Radio recently revealed that over 100 pharmacies have shared customers' personal data with Facebook.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority emphasises, inter alia, that they are concerned that several Norwegian websites use cookies or other tracking mechanisms without being aware of what kind of information the tracking technologies uncover or with whom the information is shared. For the users of the website, this can be a big privacy risk, while for the business it can be both a legal and reputational risk. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority therefore emphasizes that all businesses should have a conscious relationship towards data protection regulations when they implement analysis and marketing solutions on their websites.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority otherwise emphasizes that the concern applies to both private and public websites. I do not think the recommendation is surprising, and my assumption is that enforcement of cookie regulations will become much more important in Norway in the future.

You can read more about the case on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's website here: