Setterwalls Donated to Vi-Agroforestry for WLG | impact '23

Setterwalls Advokatbyrå (Sweden) aims to become a carbon-neutral company and continues implementing process improvements to reach that goal. This work includes raising awareness about the importance of resource efficiency from travel to purchasing to sourcing. A step in this ambition is climate compensation by supporting Vi-Agroforestry – a Swedish aid organization that fights poverty and improves the environment through tree planting. Setterwalls plants trees through the organization each time they welcome a new co-worker.

For the WLG | Impact in June 2023, Setterwalls donated extra to Vi-Agroforestry by planting ten trees every day of the month to support the essential work in improving the climate.

Further, in June, Setterwalls co-hosted and participated in the Pan-Nordic Conference on Environmental and Ethical Marketing Claims in Oslo with business law firms from Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The conference aims to help Nordic companies navigate the legal landscape and give practical insights and tools to apply when presenting sustainability claims in marketing and communication. Industry and marketing lawyer specialists will attend this full-day conference as speakers and panel members.