Sorainen Launches INTERPOL and EUROPOL Service

Sorainen has launched a new service – communication with INTERPOL and EUROPOL – to help our clients with preventive actions as well as challenging the international organisations’ activities and with the data processed by them.

There are numerous examples of INTERPOL member countries issuing Red Notices as part of political and economic vendettas against politically exposed persons and their families, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc – and the number is increasing. Our expert Sebastián Suarez has ample experience working with clients from every continent on the globe on some of the highest profile and most challenging cases and investigations of recent years, acting on behalf of individuals affected by a Red Notice, or INTERPOL member countries wishing to either prevent publication of a Red Notice as an interim measure, or requesting elimination of a Notice that has already been published.

Sometimes an individual who is the subject of an investigation does not know whether an INTERPOL Red Notice has been issued for them and whether they are safe to travel without the risk of arrest. In such cases, our experts can engage with INTERPOL, seeking the disclosure of such information and supporting with removing an incorrectly issued Notice.

If an individual is aware that a Notice has been or will soon be published, our team of professionals will work out a strategy for challenging the Notice based on the circumstances of the case. We will then implement the strategy until the case has been successfully resolved and the Notice has been removed.

Our experts can help clients with:

  • Communication with INTERPOL
  • Applications for the removal of INTERPOL Notices
  • Challenging the EUROPOL Information system

More info on the services we offer is available here: