Soulier Avocats Hosts Cleanup Session for WLG | impact '23

As part of WLG ׀ impact ‘23, Soulier Avocats (France) partnered with the soccer division of the multi-sports club called Rhodia-Vaise Club to host a cleaning session.

On July 3, some members of Soulier Avocats went on site and joined the Chair of the soccer division, Jean-Jacques, and some young soccer players with the mission to remove, collect, and sort all kinds of garbage, including cigarette butts, food packaging, food scraps, straws and coffee sticks, plastic bottles and caps, lids and other plastic utensils, glass bottles, cans, bottle caps, etc.

Members said “We did our best to clean up the site and had a great time doing something for our planet together. We are really proud to be part of an organization, World Law Group, that is working together for what matters.”