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World Law Group launched its new ESG Group and hosted an “E in ESG” public webinar where we talked about why companies that neglect their responsibility to the environment end up seeing their reputation and finances suffer. Members of the staff team cleaned up areas in their local communities.

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Video Recording + Key Takeaways

  1. What are export controls?
    1. Export controls limit what a country can export to another country like goods, software, technology, etc. These export controls are usually implemented to protect a country's national interests but can also be a way to make a public stance against a government and its actions.
  2. What is the purpose of dual use and non-dual use items?
    1. Non-dual use items are goods strictly for military use, such as weapons, certain vehicles, etc. Dual use items are goods that can have military use but may also have civilian uses. Examples include chemicals, technology, luxury goods, etc.
  3. How are end-users involved in export controls and sanctions?
    1. End users are the people who ultimately use a product or goods. By implementing export controls and sanctions, a country can target a specific end-user or group of end-users. Cutting off these supplies from end-users is usually a more significant action against a government or country.