WongPartnership Reduced Carbon Footprint for WLG | impact '23

WongPartnership LLP (Singapore) embarked on a carbon-neutral firm trip to Seoul, South Korea in August. Over three months prior to the firm trip, every member of the firm has endeavoured to reduce 700 kg of carbon dioxide emissions each, which is the equivalent of the carbon dioxide emissions each passenger will generate on an economy class roundtrip flight to Seoul. The firm's lawyers and staff have been keeping track of the carbon dioxide emissions they have reduced from their daily activities through the use of a mobile application. To encourage healthy competition, a firm-wide contest has been organized and members with the highest reduction and/or the most consistent effort will be recognized at the firm trip's gala dinner. Through this competition, members of the firm will become more aware of the little adjustments they can make in their daily lives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These include eating plant-based meals instead of meat, taking public transport instead of driving and cutting down on single-use plastic bags or containers. Besides creating awareness, the firm hopes that members will adopt these sustainable practices in their everyday lives.